#40 Purpose & Well-Being at Work

Episode 40,  May 17, 2021, 09:00 AM

In this week’s podcast we reflect on what we learnt from our last 3 guests; Adrian Hawley, Melanie Weller, and Simon Town who are very in touch with the mind, body, and environment connection. 
We reflect on the often elusive yet alluring life purpose, and chat about how to combat the detrimental effects of modern life and our ways of working. In particular we think about what leaders can do for their employees that can have dramatic results for the organisation and its people, and doesn’t cost the earth.
Our Leadership Essentials:  

1. It can take years to find your life purpose – keep going, it’s really never too late 

2. The power of storytelling and meaning making on mind and body. We’re all connected mind, body and environment and our bodies reflected the archetypal stories we tell ourselves

3. Don’t get comfortable being uncomfortable. If we make some minor adjustments to our daily lives, we can massively improve our personal future health and wellbeing. 
In The Coaching Approach we catch up with our fictional organisation Safina has introduced George to fellow CEO Andrew Thomas at Better You and he’s keen to learn more about the benefits of offering his employees a free Vitamin D level test. John is pleased to be back in the office showing off with his new Postural exercise regime, and we find everyone in good spirits where employee wellbeing has never felt so good.