A conversation with Syd Takeshta | Founder of Children's Riot

May 13, 04:00 PM

Sit down for a conversation with my sister Syd Takeshta, founder of Childrens Riot from the US and warrior in the fight against exploitation. We talk about a variety of topics, some that might just get us in trouble. To learn more about Syd and her mission with Children's Riot please follow her on social media @childrenriot

I sat down with Syd my friend and warrior in the fight against child exploitation. We navigated many different topics on this episode, some that probably will be censored on social media. We chatted about big tech giants, big pharma, politicians, social media's influence, the children and more. Buckle up because it is a 2-hour conversation. A conversation that should be allowed to happen, although we know in our culture and society that is frowned upon.   

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