Macbeth: Episode 6 - All My Pretty Ones

May 14, 07:00 AM

Holed up in his castle, Macbeth hides from the truth and his wife re-lives the nightmare of their bloody deed, while Malcolm and Macduff join forces in England to plot his overthrow.

This is the sixth episode of the Play On Podcasts Series Macbeth.

Meeting in England, Malcolm tests Macduff’s honesty and loyalty. Their plans to overthrow Macbeth are interrupted by Ross, who delivers shocking and tragic news to Macduff. In Scotland, Lady Macbeth sleepwalks through her palace, re-living the horror of Duncan’s murder under the watchful eye of a doctor and her attendant. Not far away, in Dunsinane, Lennox reports to Ross on the upcoming battle between England and Scotland. Meanwhile, the witches tell Banquo’s son Fleance about Macbeth’s fate, while thousands of soldiers from the English camp mobilize under Malcolm and Ross against the Scottish army. They’re joined by Lennox, Fleance and the Witches, while Macbeth cowers in his castle, unable to face the truth.

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The Cast
Macbeth - Armando Riesco
Lady Macbeth - Zabryna Guevara
Macduff - Chinaza Uche
Lady Macduff - Flor de liz Perez
Banquo - Jordan Barbour
Duncan - Bernard White
Ross & the Porter - Barzin Akhavan
Malcolm - Daniel Jose Molina
Lennox - Annie Henk
Young Macduff - Elijah Goodfriend
The Witches - Miss Peppermint, Monét X-Change, Manila Luzon