The BetBites Podcast - Episode THIRTY 14.05.2021

May 14, 04:00 AM
Welcome to Episode 30 of BetBites - the kind of age when you should really know better.
Our experts are back to give you the best bets for the week ahead, each in under 90 seconds. We don't waste your precious time.

It's a bijou artisan hipster of a weekend this week. F1 takes a rest. The EFL has a breather before the chaos ensues (probably in the courts if you're Derby) while the Premier League rumbles on inexorably. Dave Easson has some odd-looking Brighton bets to mix things up.

Gavin Puszczalowskyi has made it to Wembley from the EFL. It's the FA Cup Final, and it might actually be interesting this year.

Derek Clark from the Talkin' Fitbaw podcast considers the possibility of Scottish Invincibles.

The National League just goes on and on and ON and Thomas Feaheny has cast his eye on a very interesting promotion race.

The RSW, Richard Shaw-Wright from Forty-Twenty Live, previews a Super League round WITH FANS and Luke Elder's Horseracing Segment tickles us home on the rails.

Lovely stuff.

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