Trump Nations 7- Who Are Trump Voters, Who Rushed The Capital ,What Will Haunt US? Cops Edition

May 13, 11:31 PM
PHD former mayor of Lake Forest Jim Gardner said it was a "revolution"
Who are the people who follow Donald Trump and how do they differ from everyone else. Scientific analysis of demographic and behavioral correlates of voting for Trump as well as pro-Trump activities.
Also, fact-based statistics about issues such as federal deficit, trade with China, value of the dollar, immigration, etc. Not the place for partisan vitriol but a place to share information and opinionsPhD - Psychotherapy Ohio State
Gardner In 2017 Gardner was voted Mayor of Lake Forest California Josh Abner MBA - Financial Services "Makes Businesses And Individuals Money"
In this Podcast we set the ground rules for what is a Fact ? What is direct evidence ? What are the central triggers that are fundamental and at the root of the Capital Riots and focus on profiling the police who got arrested at the Capitol
PHD Gardner brings a wealth of experience to the Podcast. He has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and worked as a Therapist as well as a Professor.
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Josh Abner MBA Financial Services "Makes individuals and Businesses Money"
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