Traders Cafe with Zak Mir: Sunday Roast May 16

May 16, 08:44 AM

Zak Mir is joined by regulars Albert Arthur, Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby for more stock market banter. Their guest this week is Dr Gareth Cave of Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) / Pharm2Farm

Podcast Minutes:
32s The Hot Tub
1m 18s  Dr Gareth Cave intro
2m 30s Gareth dons a white coat
2m 45s New branded boxes of masks
3m 15s Gareth’s mother in law
3m 41s Gareth’s jobs
4m 20s Gareth thanks shareholders
4m 50s Albert asks about Gareth’s working hours
5m 40s Phil asks about the Lemu machine
7m 27s Gareth on the relationship with Voltz
8m 10s Gareth on manufacturing
offers from around the world
8m 39s Gareth on the anti-viral layer
9m 40s Albert asks Gareth, have you gone global? The IP?
10m 14s Gareth on the a-virion
10m 57s Kevin on other products
11m 35s Gareth on air filtration
12m 35s Gareth on nano particles
14m 00s Albert on terminating viruses
14m 45s Gareth on COVID, flu viruses and man flu.
15m 25s Albert on the pandemic coming back
16m 05s Gareth on the pandemic - India
18m 02s Phil on the shark in the net
18m 28s Gareth on face mask biohazard and lobby NHS / Government
19m 35s Phil asks about the cost of copper nano particles and other metals
20m 50s Gareth on leachability / Cerium / cataracts
21m 44s Phil asks about Numed and distribution
23.17m  Gareth’s background
26m 15s Zak wakes up
26m 52s Is the Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) soap opera over?
27m 28s  Albert on RMS from investors / traders perspective
28m 20s Gareth on not cashing out / the business opportunity
29m 36s Kevin asks about mask sales
29m 52s  Gareth talks about helping people in India
30m 28s Albert and Kevin on people picking up used masks
31m 33s Gareth on pandemic profiteering
31m 50s Kevin asks on mask sales again
32m 11s Gareth on four goals
32m 46s  Kevin asks Gareth about the other parts of RMS
34m 00s Gareth on Gyrometrics
34m 44s Zak asks what the goal is at RMS / Pharm2farm?
36m 55s Zak asks Gareth about fresh changes at RMS and a new CEO
39m 03s Phil’s week on
39m 23s Forbes Ventures (FOR)
40m 29s Phil on Zak interviewing Supply@Me Capital (SYME)
40m 52s Zak on interviewing SYME
41m 18s Albert on Zak interviewing SYME
41m 34s Zak on SYME interviews
43m 16s  Phil on complex companies
43m 35s what the market is missing at SYME
43m 52s Zak on puff piece interviews
44m 24s Albert on getting Alessandro Zamboni on the Roast
44m 51s Phil on Oriole Resources (ORR)
46m 01s on Greatland Gold (GGP)
46m 58s Kevin’s week
47m 12s on RMS
47m 47s  ORR
48m 20m  Caerus (CMRS)
49m 00s Empyrean (EME)
50m 32s SYME
51m 08s Albert’s low carb diet / split hit / ketosis
52m 18m Albert’s stock review
52m 47s perpetual Covid loop
53m 35s Synairgen (SNG), Scancell (SCLP), Tiziana (TILS)
53m 52s Futura Medical (FUM)
54m 22s DeepVerge (DVRG)
57m 04s Velocity Composites (VEL)
58m 30s SNG as Novacyt (NCYT) II
58m 57s MyHealthChecked (MHC)
1h 01m 35s Musk and crypto
1h 02m 23s the return of the Covid bubble
1h 03m 03s Kevin on the fall of the coins
1h 03m 17s Albert on sentiment / fear
1h 05m 09s the yoga mat floor
1h 06m 25s Zak’s week on shorting targets
1n 06m 42s Tern (TERN)
1h 07m 04s Guild (GILD)
1h 07m 12s Cornish Metals (CUSN)
1h 07m 32s FTSE 100
1h 07m 49s Elon Musk
1h 07m 56s Phil on Musk
1h 09m 15s Zak on Bitcoin down / stock market up
1h 09m 44s Phil on coin dealing from £500,000 to £500
1h 10m 14s Zak on crypto volatility and leverage