Emily was caught as a drug mule

Episode 79,  May 21, 2021, 07:00 AM

Emily lives in Toronto. Like a lot of people, she usually gets nervous when she has to go through airport Customs, Immigration, and Security upon returning home from another country. But there was one time when she had a good reason to be stressed at the airport. Under her dress was about $150,000 worth of cocaine. And this experience led her into the business she runs today.

When you travel internationally, do you ever get nervous when you come back to your own country and have to go through all the questions about where you’ve been, your reason for travel, and what you’re bringing back into the country?
This is stressful for a lot of people, even those who have not done anything wrong.
My guest in this episode is Emily. She lives in Toronto, and a few years ago she spent some time in the Caribbean. She flew back into her home airport, and had to go through that process of being asked all the questions. Like a lot of people, this really stressed her out. 
But in Emily’s case, she had good reason to be nervous. Under her dress was roughly $150,000 in cocaine.
That was a bad day for Emily. She told me the whole story, including how that experience led her to what she’s doing today.
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