May 17, 04:01 AM
We're BOUNCING from Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to Michael Mann's Heat! Thanks to Al Pacino!

(0:15 - 5:30) Mike and Harry quickly chat about their introduction to crime. The crime genre.
(5:30 - 55:00) Mike and Harry talk about Academy Award Winner Al Pacino and Academy Award Winner Robert De Niro in Heat. For the first time ever, America's two most electrifying actors...collide. (Don't see their 2nd collision, but check out that 3rd one!)

Where will we bounce to next week? Will it be "Fences" with Mykelti Williamson? ... or "Closer" with Natalie Portman? Michael Mann's "Collateral"?... or Val Kilmer in "The Island of Doctor Moreau"? Find out next week!
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