Episode 333 - Patrick Flynn (Fiddlehead, Have Heart, Clear, Sweet Jesus)

May 17, 06:35 AM
15 years ago in Germany, Have Heart & F*cked Up played a show - that night would prove to be significant for both of the bands' front people. On today's episode, they've reunited as Fiddlehead & Have Heart's PAT FLYNN sits down to chat with Damian about the 'core! From Warped Tour '99 & not being "it", to studying the calculus of Crass, to trying to re-create Better Than A Thousand, to the Follow Through / Sonic Youth & Terminator 2 / Integrity Connections PLUS so much more! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! And don't miss Fiddlehead's "Between The Richness" out this Friday!!! 

Also Touched On:

One night is Germany…

Finding a CCs Skate mag

Finding Minor Threat

The NIN/ Clevo connection

Filter and T1000

Word And Music

New Bedford: a world of its own

Going to Warped Tour ’99 to take in the culture

A DIY HC shows changes everything

Blink 182: the dividing line

Grey Area

All Chrome: Local Heroes

A HC Fest vs. A Punk Festival Tour

The Epi/Fat crossroads

Crass bands as punk algebra 

NoFX as a gateway

The terror of older siblings’ musical tastes

The walls between genres

American Nightmare killing off The Youth Crew Revival 

Looking for Better Than A 1000

The Follow Through/ Sonic Youth connection

Booking shows

Where is Big Ed?

Victim 21 and A Poor Excuse

Finding your own replacement for a band

Finding about Intent To Injure from your father’s students’ yearbook

The importance of Atari… to us

The last song on 97A lp RULES

The CT Hardcore through line