Monday, Mond-eh

May 17, 05:14 PM
Amanda has big news to share at the top of the show that includes a truly shocking "The Bachelorette"-style twist! We also discuss the ratings over at Saturday Night Live, which leads us to the rumors of ScarJo & Colin Jost. We also dive into the behind-the-scenes scandals of Family Matters with Jaleel White's accusations...did he do that?! Oh yeah, we're GOING there, Telma Hopkins! Speaking of accusations, Ellen's sassy attitude towards Savannah Guthrie would have gotten Jaleel's suspenders in a pinch. It's not just Ellen, however, because we're calling out the nicest & meanest celebs in Hollywood and/or Canada. It gets heated, but we come together over some Teen Mom 2 breast examses, y'all!

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