BONUS Episode: One Piece of Advice

May 20, 03:43 PM
If you listened to our last series, you’ll know that in 2019 we conducted research to better understand the barriers for clinical trial participation in ethnic minority groups.
This year, we decided to dive even further into discovering the barriers by speaking to people from the US, to hear about their opinions on clinical trials and the pharmaceutical industry more generally. 
At the end of our interviews, we asked them to share one piece of advice to improve clinical trial recruitment of their ethnic community. 
From our interviews with people from ethnic minority backgrounds, it’s clear that more diverse representation is needed within clinical trial advertising and the diversity of site staff who organise the trials as well. When they saw people from their own ethnicity or gender, participants felt like they would be more understanding of their needs. 
The advice from our interviews is clear; the industry needs to build better relationships with ethnic minority groups first and foremost. Engaging with community leaders came up time and time again as a route to build trust.
Demand Diversity is a campaign for change and it’s time we were all proactive about improving diversity in clinical trials.
We want to use our research to do our bit to raise awareness and create change, and we’d like to thank all the interviewees for their valuable insight. 
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