How to Reclaim Self-Trust & Confidence with Diet-Free Living

May 20, 2021, 06:22 PM

If you’re exhausted from dieting, doubting yourself & never feeling good enough, this is for you! This is the audio from my recent masterclass, How to Reclaim Self-Trust & Confidence with Diet-Free Living.

How to Reclaim Your Self-Trust & Confidence through Diet-Free LIving
  1. Preparation Phase: Refresh your mindset. I love the word “refresh” because it allows us to validate the experiences of our past (even the hurts) and reframe it so it can serve us in our healthier future
  2. Take Action Phase: Discover your intuition so you can unlearn the diet mentality and begin to trust yourself.
  3. Put it into practice with Diet-Free Living and what you can do to feel your best so you can give your best. With confidence.

5 Activities:
1. Identify the truth of dieting.

First exercise for us to do together. Bring awareness to the reality of dieting. I mentioned before how I could start FASTer Way this second and know exactly what to do. So write down all the rules of your go-to diet and NUMBER THEM. How easy were they to follow? Why did you stop? If it was so sustainable, so healthy, so easy, why are you investigate diet-free living? Use this exercise to empower yourself with TRUTH. This is my go-to whenever I have a lapsed moment of like “ugh maybe I should lose weight.” This snaps me back to the reality of dieting in like .02 seconds. My clients use this for the same. So this a tool for you to use when you feel the lure. 

2. Give your pain a purpose.
Do you blame or push away the pain with diets? That’s heavy. I know. But dieting is the #1 coping mechanism for many people because it gives a false sense of control when life feels out of control. Right? It feels proactive, but it’s actually very REACTIVE. And it makes things worse. Can you assign your pain a positive purpose that brought you to this moment today?

3. Ask better questions.
Take note of your inner dialogue. Instead of being self-critical and posing self-accusatory questions. Find APPRECIATION for what you ALREADY have and ask positive questions.

4. Discover your intuition. 
I want you to think of your biggest stressor and hurt around your body. 
Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart. Breathe in and out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Keep breathing intentionally. The technique doesn’t matter. Just focus in on your breath. In and out. Now I want you to think about one memory related to your stressor. Breathe that memory into your heart. Sit with it for a moment. Breathing it in and breathing it out. Now think of a second memory related to your stressor. Breathe that memory into your heart. Sit with it for a moment. Breathing it in and breathing it out. Now I want you to whisper to yourself the following sentence and pausing to allow your intuition to fill in the blank. Everything I need to know about <that stressor> is _________. 
Now open your eyes. Your intuition likely told you the answer. 

5. Rate your wellness.
On a scale of 1-5 (5 being solid/all good; 1 being need help asap) rate:
Mental, Emotional, Social, Environmental, Spiritual, Physical Health. 

Diet-Free Academy is my 12-week group coaching program that will support you through the Prepare and Take Action phases so that you can go on to practice Diet-Free Living. This includes everything you need to heal your relationship with food, fitness and body image. It is an online video course (with 12 modules and 64 short videos) for you to learn. We have weekly live group coaching calls to heal. And daily chat support in our community to grow. Each week, we will focus on one of twelve modules. Independently, you will complete all the video lessons within that module on your own. Together, we will support one another daily in our private chat group, and collectively meet once a week on Zoom for live group coaching. to learn more.