5/21 - Ubisoft Still Hasn't Fixed its Workplace Culture

May 21, 02:00 PM
Around the Monitor's back bringing you the week's hottest gaming news! Topics include: Ubisoft still hasn't fixed its workplace culture, IGN's editorial team was censored this week, and Starfield won't be coming to PlayStation consoles.

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Show Notes:

00:00 - Intro
1:55 - Trivia: What is Time Splitters 2 metacritic score?
4:21 - Topics
16:19 - Let’s talk about IGN’s editorial team getting censored this week
22:38 - Ubisoft has reportedly changed very little internally after last years abuse allegations
36:19 - Gearbox reportedly has a new franchise dropping before April 2022
45:36 - WB Games will be broken up as AT&T has a sale/merger with Discovery
51:11 - The winner is...
52:23 - Closing and Plugs