May 24, 04:01 AM
We brought you the HEAT before, now we're bringing some COLLATERAL. That's right, we're BOUNCING from Michael Mann's Heat to Michael Mann's Collateral! Thanks, Mr. Mann!

(0:15 - 10:00) Mike and Harry discuss Coming to America, American Psycho, Big, and all those Bourne Identity flicks.
(11:00 - 49:40) Mike and Harry discuss their journey with Collateral. Does the third act sink the film? Had the initial advertising of this film been effective? If you were to recommend a movie, like Collateral, to someone, how would you do it? Harry wants to hear your pitch!

Where will we bounce to next week? Will it be "Soul" with Jamie Foxx? ... or "Magnolia" with Tom Cruise? ... or "Set It Off" with Jada Pinkett Smith? ... or "Before Night Falls" with Javier Bardem? Find out next week!
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