John Hoyle (Sook)

Episode 33,  May 24, 2021, 09:07 AM

In this week's episode of RLI Talks, Jayne Rafter (Publisher of RLI) speaks to John Hoyle, the Founder and CEO of Sook, to take a look at how small businesses can make a success of pop-up shops in the post-COVID recovery. Sook offers brands the opportunity to create a physical pop up shop by providing them with adaptive retail spaces in a number of different locations across the country - at a time that suits them, for however long they feel it suits them for. 
John talks about how expensive the traditional retail shop model can be due to the overheads that come with a permanent location (even though the majority of trade happens on a few busy days) and how with Sook, brands can choose which hours they're open for trading and not have to worry about the overheads when they aren't.

John talks about how the Sook model works particularly well for online brands, and how many of these new style of retailers don't need a permanent physical presence. Through their use of online platforms such as Depop and Instagram, they're able to create their own footfall to their pop up when they decide to open it and don't rely on passing trade.
Of course, it's not just about the retailers – the concept also maximises footfall and income for landlords whilst transforming the way we use physical spaces in our towns and cities.