Part One: Lauren Armes' story from solopreneur to CEO - The critical steps to uncover your big idea

May 27, 03:00 AM

In this episode, I welcome to the show Lauren Armes, an inspiring lady who wears many hats. Lauren shares her journey from a career in business development to starting her business empire and the critical steps to uncover your big idea.

In only 8 years, Lauren has built Welltodo from a small wordpress blog into a global firm. On top of this, she shares the launch of her 2 new companies, which have experienced explosive growth during the pandemic - there is much to be learnt from this powerhouse!

It's a delight to have Lauren share with you, the critical elements to help you on your entrepreneurial journey from solopreneur to CEO. This includes, Lauren's biggest lessons, inspiration and the people who steered her through those early days. 

Tune in and you’ll learn:
*The most important element to decide first in order to build the right business
*The game changer moment in any solopreneur’s journey
*How to approach your entrepreneurial journey with ease
*Signs you are in sabotaging your success and what to do about it
*The best tools and resources to start
*5 things your team will expect of you as you become a leader

Stay with us to the end to hear the biggest lesson she learnt during her transition from Solopreneur to CEO and make sure you tune in next week for part two, where we dig in to Lauren's 3 critical mindset shifts to succeed.

Want more in the meantime? Check out Lauren’s very own podcasts The Business of Wellness and EXPERTS.

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