Ricky doesn't buy groceries

Episode 80,  Jun 04, 2021, 07:00 AM

Ricky is married, well-educated and fully employed. He can certainly afford to buy groceries. But he does not spend any money on food. What he eats does not come from inside the grocery store, but rather from the big metal bin behind the store. Ricky told me all about the world of dumpster diving.

Remember that Seinfeld episode where George is at his girlfriend’s mother’s house, and he sees a partially eaten éclair in the kitchen trash can, and he picks it up and takes a bite?
Of course, someone sees him do it, and he tries to explain, and all sorts of hijinks ensue because that’s the world of TV sitcoms.
My guest on today’s episode, in a way, plays that role in real life. He’s well-educated, fully employed, married, and is certainly able to afford buying groceries. But he doesn’t spend any money on food, since he’s able to get his food for free. And his freezers and pantry are full. 
Ricky’s food doesn’t come from inside the grocery story, but rather from the large bin behind the store.
Want to learn more about the unusual subculture and community of dumpster divers, and see what kinds of things they find each day? Check out their subreddit: