Bloomsday, with Niall Laverty and Maite Lopez from At It Again

Episode 4,  May 28, 2021, 08:18 AM

Ireland is known as the land of saints and scholars and has produced some of the greatest poets, playwrights and novelists in history. On this month's episode we are celebrating one of greatest of them all: James Joyce.  

On the 16th June every year Ireland celebrates Bloomsday, a festival to celebrate the life and works of Joyce and in particular his most famous work, Ulysses. 

On this episode we chat to Mary Moore, founder of Irish at Heart, about her ideal Bloomsday. Conor heads to Sweny’s Pharmacy in the heart of Dublin to learn all about the building's incredible legacy and famous connection to Joyce. And finally, on our Meet the Maker section, Amy talks to Niall Laverty and Maite Lopez, from At It Again, who create guides to inspire you to go on your own literary adventure and re-discover Irish classics in a fun way. 

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