Ep. 376 - Sex Doesn't Cause Every Problem, Frank

May 29, 01:52 AM

This week, we also talked about a Christian Nationalist Bible, church bathrooms, and an upcoming CNN segment.

Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— This is the dumbest anti-evolution video I’ve ever seen. (0:50)

— This apologist’s weird sex tweet doesn’t make any sense. (9:54)

— A Christian Nationalist version of the Bible was too toxic for a major publisher. (15:44)

— This survey of conservative Christians is wildly misleading. (23:49)

— Should Chip and Joanna Gaines have given money to a relative who opposes racial justice? (30:12)

— A pastor was arrested for spying on men in the church bathroom. (40:37)

— The mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana is going to stop violence with two days of prayer. (42:32)

— A Christian hate-preacher is doing damage control before a CNN segment about his lies. (45:10)

— A Christian mom says feminism is Satanic. (53:45)

— Are atheists obligated to call Catholic nuns “sisters”? (58:39)

— A Christian hate-group overreacted after a principal omitted parts of the Pledge at a graduation ceremony. (1:04:20)