A Cuppa With: Mental Health in Music - Episode Five: Knowing Your Worth

May 30, 05:06 PM
A Cuppa With: Mental Health in Music - Episode FIVE - all about Knowing Your Worth. We will look at; Knowing your worth, Knowing your boundaries, and Knowing how to say No. 

I’m joined by;  Author, N.U.I.G. Lecturer and speaker, and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Malie Coyne and also by independent music publisher, and musician, Rohan Healy, one half of The Dublin City Rounders and owner of Beardfire Music Publishing. This week the discussion is all about what worth means, how to truly value yourself, how to set your personal standards, and put your own wellbeing first.

We also hear from some musicians who were offered some bizarre alternatives to monetary payment for gigs thanks Robin James Hurt and Siobhan Shiels for taking part.