Eminem Protects Me

Episode 75,  May 31, 01:23 AM

The Chitshow Podcast #75 - "Eminem Protects Me"

In episode 75 we talk Joyner Lucas' new "Zim Zimma" video (8:18), MouseRat announces an album (11:50), Lloyd Banks announces C.O.T.I. (16:15), is Ariana Grande blackfishing (45:14), Mental Health Awareness month (1:09:06), sports fans assaulting players (1:14:56), assaults on flights skyrocket (1:23:19), Danny talks MODOK/SLC Punk (1:30:34), the new Animaniacs (1:34:36), Johnny Bravo was always canceled in the show (1:40:42), the leaked Powerpuff Girls script (1:43:52), the new Aqua Teen/Metalocalypse/Venture Bros movies (1:46:58), Ant-man & The Wasp Quantumania leaks/rumors (1:50:17), Danny finishes X-Men but starts Spawn (1:56:12), Danny revisits Bioshock (1:59:25), Fallout: New Vegas 2 and Fallout 6 rumors (2:02:33), and more! We also talk/feature music (21:58) from Minnesota, DMX, Black Midi, Bachelor, and Mustafa. Our intro/outro music is "Zim Zimma" by Joyner Lucas.

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