Rigatoni Leah

May 31, 10:29 PM
Amanda has a big announcement at the top of the show, and we get a little emotional. It's been a wild ride of a year for all of us, yet the sun will come out tomorrow...in Canada! It's not all tears and amazing medication, though, as Amanda shares a secret obsession she's been hiding from Jodie. Legit SPOILER ALERT: it's The Masked Singer and there are spoilers ahead at 23-30min mark.

If you've been watching Teen Mom 2, you probably know all about Leah's right breast and her SHOCKING realization that COVID is contagious, y'all! Forget Blazer Leah, and move over Tumor Leah, because RIGATONI Leah is the new Narcan now. Join us as we predict/fantasize Leah's storyline with 99.9% accuracy because the girl is so predictable it's actually exhilaratingly fun to watch. We also talk about the other Moms & how Sexy Baby is a dead-ringer for Tiffany's dad on 90 Day Fiance. You're welcome for the tangents ;)

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