Creating Consistency for your Commitments

Episode 5,  Jun 01, 2021, 08:29 PM

In this episode, Robin shares what has worked for her to create consistency on her own health and wellness journey. 

Below are 3 - 4 self-discovering questions to ask yourself when thinking about what will suitably work for you in building more consistency around your health and wellness commitments: 
  1. What fitness activity do I enjoy? 
    1. What comes easily for me/ what feels the most like play?
  2. What structure can I put in place to have me show up, regardless how I am feeling? 
    1. EX: Some people, they have a favorite time to watch t.v. and they do their workouts in front of their favorite shows/ podcasts/ or movies, others find success with accountability. Having a friend who workouts with them, better yet a group of friends that all communicate and have the same exact goals as you. 
  3. Did it work?
    1. If yes, awesome this is the beginning of building a habit!
    2. If no, that okay, this is all apart of the fun. Now all there is left to do is inquirer…
      1. If that didn't work, then what is the next smallest step that I can take to get me to the next level?