40. Talking HQs with Screamin' Eric

Jun 02, 09:00 AM

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The Order of Battle Podcast episode 40 is here!
We’re four weeks from JoeFest! This time Joel and Jason sit down with Eric Ehmann of Screamin’ Ehmann Customs. He just announced his latest custom project. It’s a JoeFest exclusive: Cartoon Accurate GIJoe Headquarters! 

This 2’ x 4’ x 1’ headquarters is scaled for 3.75 and 4” GI Joe, or other 1:18 action figures. It comes with sticker sheets to flesh out your base. This enormous structure can be used as is for play or some serious display. You can also hit up the several amazing 1:18 custom builders to add desks, gun racks, computer terminals and more. This base is cool. Very cool. 

Take a listen to Eric’s GIJoe history, his various projects, and this enormous Headquarters. Find him and us at JoeFest this 25-27 June in Augusta, GA. And bring spending money to grab one of these limited, cartoon accurate GI Joe Headquarters!

Screamin’ Ehmann Customs can be found at https://www.facebook.com/screaminehmanncustoms or on Instagram @screaminehmanncustoms. 
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