Champions Chelsea, Tinkering Pep and Carlo's Betrayal

Jun 02, 10:52 AM
What a turnaround by Thomas Tuchel! In a short period of time, TT has brought this Chelsea team together and led them to a top 4 finish and Europe's greatest prize! Prashant is visibly buzzing and says more than 5 words this episode, as we break down Chelsea's strengths and Pep's obsessive tinkering.

Winning the UCL was Aguero's final objective but it wasn't to be as the Argentine forward departs for Barcelona without a UCL winners medal. It's all class though, as he gifted the entire staff some expensive watches and even gave away his brand new Range Rover!

We also discuss David De Gea's performance in the Europa League final, Brentford's push into the Premier League and the aftermath of Carlo Ancelotti personally sticking a dagger into Aakarsh's heart. Our condolences.

Unfortunately, Mukesh had to drop off the recording early in the first half as the COVID scare we referenced at the beginning of the episode turned out to be true. We wish his family the best of health. 

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