Jun 04, 09:18 AM
NO ENCORE returns amidst the blazing sunshine with a laser-focus on acts that just didn't quite live up to mountains of hype. There's also a review of the new Black Midi album. Are those two things related? Maaaaaaaaybe. Maybe not. Who knows?!

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ACT ONE: Your usual preamble fun including a preview of our next standalone interview episode.

ACT TWO (8:24): A heated news section takes in Noel Gallagher's latest malaise, Lil Uzi Vert's inevitable diamond-based fallout, JAY-Z's relationship expertise, Sinéad O'Connor's media remorse, and Justin Timberlake's contentious legacy.

ACT THREE (34:16): London avant-garde outfit Black Midi return with Cavalcade. A chaotic enough record receives the review it deserves.

ACT FOUR (48:56): "Don't believe the hype." – Chuck D, Public Enemy, 1988. "Here are 10 acts that prove that maxim." – Dave and Craig, NO ENCORE, 2021