Ep. 377 - Why is Willow Creek Still Defending Its Founder?

Jun 04, 05:52 PM

This week, we talked about the defense of abuse at Willow Creek, the football player forced to eat pork, Russell Moore's weak courage, the Kenyan atheist who converted, and more!

Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Utah’s governor thinks a weekend of prayer will fix a drought. (1:02)

— A Virginia teacher refuses to use trans kids’ pronouns. The district punished him. Now he’s suing. (9:15)

— A high school football player had to eat pork, which violates his faith, as punishment. (17:20)

— Pastors at Willow Creek still won’t condemn the church’s abusive founder. (24:05)

— A Tennessee hat shop owner created Star of David patches bragging about not being vaccinated. They did not go over well. (37:32)

— Is Russell Moore a hero for condemning the Southern Baptist Convention? (41:05)

— An atheist leader in Kenya resigned after saying he converted to Christianity. (50:02)

— After spreading COVID lies, Rick Wiles appears to have COVID. (55:22)

— The remains of 215 children were found at a Catholic-run residential school in Canada. (58:45)

— This Texas valedictorian used her speech to denounce anti-abortion laws. (1:06:00)