Luca Talks Sports | Episode 2 feat. Joshua Griffith (NBA Playoffs Round 2 Preview)

Jun 07, 08:50 AM
For this week's episode of Luca Talks Sports, he's joined by Sports Talk Line's very own Joshua Griffith, host of The Unnamed Sports Show. Luca and Joshua break down the NBA playoffs and preview the round 2 series'.

2:44 - Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets
10:25 - Flopping in the NBA
11:42 - Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks
21:12 - Philadelphia 76ers vs Atlanta Hawks
29:45 - Changing of the guard: the next generation of superstars are showing up
31:30 - Who are our picks to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy?
32:27 - Wrapping things up with Joshua

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Thanks to the artist Keylontix for giving us rights to his song Progress Pt 2