Interview With John Novello - Author of The Invisible Architect

Episode 9
Jun 08, 03:52 PM

John Novello is an internationally acclaimed jazz pianist and composer who has performed with many well-known groups as well as leading his own groups, Niacin and the John Novello Band.
He has had several Top Ten hits on the Billboard Jazz Chart, one of them, “Good to Go,” reaching No. 1 in 2019. In addition to John’s musical accomplishments, he is a best-selling author and music educator, having written the acclaimed industry keyboard method, The Contemporary Keyboardist, published by Hal Leonard. John resides in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife, Barbara Novello.

John Novello is also the author of Amazon Best Seller "The Invisible Architect". A different kind of spiritual self help book.
What would it mean if your perfect life was awaiting your discovery?
What if you knew the exact steps that would allow you to discover and achieve this perfect life?  
And what if you had an Invisible Architect–an all-powerful all-knowing best friend at your beckon call to help you discover, design, and achieve your perfect life?
This is exactly what renown jazz pianist/composer/author John Novello offers in his book The Invisible Architect. It is a captivating story of the aspirations and cognitions of the life of a now famous jazz musician. Enlightening, inspirational, tragic and miraculous, The Invisible Architect is a spiritual manifesto for designing your perfect life from within; the exact process how our inner world creates our outer world. Not only does Novello share his exciting life and discoveries along the way, but he translates them into a practical self-help program that anybody can use to design their perfect life.