Ep. 1 - TEXAS - The Austin Yogurt Shop Murders

Episode 1,  Jan 05, 2021, 10:00 AM

Four teenage girls found murdered, a slew of suspects, and no convictions- the story of the Austin Yogurt Shop murders is not only one of mystery, but a tale of anger, blood, false confessions & fire. And at its core is a crime that has gone unsolved for almost 30 years and has haunted the city in which it was committed.

In the very first episode of "Murder in America", hosts Colin & Courtney delve deep into the story of the Austin Yogurt Shop Murders, an unsolved quadruple homicide that rocked the city of Austin, Texas back in December of 1991. This is one of the most shocking unsolved murders that the two have EVER researched, and it hits especially close to home since it occurred in the city in which the two currently live. 

This episode will have you asking the question... the dead don't talk... or DO they?