Practice For The Moment

Jun 13, 01:00 PM
Practice for the moment! That’s the advice Jeff Smith, the #1 golf instructor in the state of Indiana has on this week’s episode of Those Weekend Golf Guys. Oh sure, there will be plenty of funny and entertaining stories about John’s rather difficult round at a course called Purgatory but then Jeff gets serious with advice on how to practice for the moment. Remember when you were a kid shooting hoops in the driveway? It was always “no seconds on the clock and you have to sink the free throws to win”, wasn’t it Or when you were taking batting practice and it was bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, bases loaded and down by 3 runs. As kids we knew enough to put ourselves, mentally, in pressure positions when we practice. Jeff has many ideas on how to do that now with your golf range time. We give you some ideas on some games to use to add some elements of pressure to your practice. Set up scenarios that are more difficult than normal. Try to create scenarios you might see on the course. Practice for the moment.