EUROS Week 1: Stay Strong, Christian Eriksen

Jun 15, 02:10 PM
I don't think anyone can ever forget the scenes, when in the 43rd minute of Denmark vs Finland, Danish talisman Christian Eriksen collapsed near the far touchline. He was administered CPR, a defibrillator was used and Eriksen is now recovering in a hospital with his condition reported as 'stable and good'.

In a situation like this, football takes a backseat. Nothing is more important than the life of a human being, and a life was saved thanks to the stellar efforts of the medical staff of Denmark, the referee Anthony Taylor, Danish captain Simon Kjaer and the rest of the Danish squad. But questions need to be asked about UEFA's terrible broadcasting sensibilities, and the options they gave the players on when to resume the match, if at all.

In other, insignificant news, England, the Netherlands, Italy and Austria all got victories, and the boys spend some time discussing those as well. Plus, we have the much awaited finale of Mukesh's game.

Once again, everyone here at The Corner Flag wishes Christian Eriksen the speediest of recoveries. 

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