Solar Energy Harvesting Panel Discussion at SNAIA2020 Conference

Jun 15, 03:39 PM
Solar energy is at the forefront of the fight against anthropogenic global warming. The technology behind harnessing solar radiation is advancing at a rapid rate. At the same time, great strides are being made in energy storage technologies required to ensure power is available on demand when and where it's needed.

At the SNAIA2020 Conference, Anna from STEMM Global was joined by Dr. Zhe Li (Queen Mary University of London), Saewoong Oh (KAIST), Dr. Seungbum Hong (KAIST), and Dr. Zhifeng Huang (Hong Kong Baptist University) to discuss the latest developments in photovoltaic and energy storage technologies. 

They present their visions for the future of green solar energy harvesting and storage, from the basic research still required, to the industrial implementation and rollout of real devices.

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