Ed Wood

Jun 21, 04:01 AM
We're BOUNCING from Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days to Tim Burton's Ed Wood! These two movies also couldn't be more  different! Both of these films have not done well financially, but today ... we're going to give Ed Wood his day in the sun!

Thanks to Vincent D'Onofrio for this BOUNCE!  

(0:30 - 17:35) Mike and Harry discuss biopics, as well as Tim Burton's filmography.
(17:35 - 42:22) Mike and Harry discuss Tim Burton's Ed Wood, and we somehow ended up discussing Forrest Gump (and SPOILER...Harry is not happy about it).

Where will we bounce to next week? Will it be Tim Burton's  "Dumbo"? ... or "Sex and the City" with Sarah Jessica Parker? ... or "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" with Johnny Depp? ... or "Charlie's Angels" with Bill Murray? Place your bets and find out next week!
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