Pop Screen: Burlesque (with Joe Millar)

Jun 17, 05:00 PM
Christina Aguilera waited ten years to make her first film, and when she did the reviews suggested she could have waited a little longer. This week, Joe and Graham look at Burlesque, which pairs Christina with one of the most accomplished (Oscar-winning!) singers-turned-actors in history, Cher. It's a strange mix of let's-put-the-show-on-here cliches, Bob Fosse lifts and discussion of local zoning laws.

Yet it wasn't as big a flop as you might remember, and its soundtrack has a bizarrely prestigious list of songwriters. Join us as we discuss Ali, Christina's character, and her strange lack of motivation, Cher's changing feelings about the film, and - of course - the truly outrageous supporting role for Kristen Bell. Once you've heard the former Veronica Mars refer to Christina Aguilera as "a slut with mutant lungs", you'll never be the same again.

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