Kevin M. Kraft, 6.20.21 - MOMO - [Missouri Sasquatch] An inspirational thriller

Jun 18, 12:26 AM

What is MOMO? Lacking a conclusive answer - for the purpose of this fictional tale - it is an opportunity to let the imagination run a few laps and see what develops. How spooky can it get? Cue suspense theme ...

Curious kid - Kevin M. Kraft remembers reading about Abominable/Sasquatch and thinking that he would one day make a movie about Sasquatch/Bigfoot.

Years later - he moved to Missouri and read about Momo. Wiki. Light bulb.
His idea turned into a book. The movie is now in production. And the music (scored by Kevin) is icing on the cake. ... Cue spooky. [Film due out in 2022.]

We also talk about his custom instruments: Diddley Bows. He let me include his demo song, Escape. This video is the how to.

Be sure to listen to the last segment of the interview. I asked Kevin if he had experienced any kind of paranormal event. YES. When he was 10 years old. His answer is outstanding.

Amazon page: MOMO and Book Trailer

Winner of the Christian Book Award
Winner ZedFest Lo/No Budget Screenplay Contest
Recommendation from the Coalition for Children's Media


I enjoyed the story. A spooky thriller for all ages ... the perfect campfire read.

Just for fun - read the news stories - a slew of sightings and MOMO encounters remain unsolved. Vice.


Not everyone thinksĀ Bigfoot is fiction. Sightings in Missouri. KSMU Link.

Facebook: Link
Movie site: HeavensWheelProductions
Amazon Author Page
Music featured in the interview: Escape. YouTube
How to Build a Cigar Box Diddley Bow. Link