Pericles: Episode 3 - Let Punishment Continue With A Kiss

Jun 18, 07:00 AM

Pericles wins King Simonides’ jousting tournament as well as the affection of his daughter, Thaisa, who he marries. Upon learning of the death of Antiochus, they make their way towards Tyre upon the stormy sea as Thaisa struggles below decks in childbirth.

Welcome to the third episode of the Play On Podcasts Series Pericles.

Pericles wins Simonides’ jousting tournament and falls in love with the king’s daughter, Thaisa, who he weds on the island of Pentapolis. Meanwhile, Helicanus learns that King Antiochus and his daughter are dead and convinces the Lords of Tyre to give Pericles one more year to complete his journey. Pericles receives word of the strife in his court and decides to return home with his pregnant bride. Once at sea, another fearsome storm engulfs his ship as Thaisa struggles in childbirth. 

The Cast:
KEITH DAVID as Pericles
JOHANNA DAY as Lychorida, Diana, and The Bawd
JOHN KEATING as Helicanus and  Philemon
JENNIE GREENBERRY as Marina and Antiochus’s Daughter
AMY WATZKE as Dionyza and Thaisa
JEFF KING as Antiochus, Simonides and Pandar
BARZIN AKHAVAN as Cerimon and Thaliard
TOMMY SCHRIDER as Lysimachus and Leonine
BENJAMIN BONENFANT as Bolt, Messenger, Fisherman, Knight, Pirate, Sailor, Servant and Lord
ORLANDO PABOTOY as Cleon, Messenger, Fisherman, Knight, Pirate, Sailor, Servant and Lord
CHRISTIANA CLARK as Messenger, Fisherman, Knight, Pirate, Sailor, Ship’s Master, Servant and Lord

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