A Mother And Her Postpartum Psychosis - June 20 2021 - Todays True Crime

Jun 20, 09:00 AM
June 20th: Andrea Yates Kills Children (2001)
The birth of your child, for many, is one of the happiest moments of your life. But, for some, a dark cloud seems to overshadow that happiness and cause feelings many cannot understand nor do they associate with the bliss of new motherhood. Postnatal disorders occur in a large number of women with 50 to 75% experiencing the short term baby blues, 15% developing into the longer lasting and more severe postpartum depression, and 1 in 1,000 developing into a full blown, and often misdiagnosed, postpartum psychosis. On June 20th 2001 a woman who desperately needed help did the unthinkable when her postpartum psychosis was left untreated. A woman who, many believe, could not be held accountable for her actions.