How pricing decisions impact our social impact

Jun 17, 07:00 AM

This ones for all the coaches, consultants and service based social enterprises in this community. It's a recording of a live I did in my Facebook Group - The Impact Entrepreneurs Club back in May 2020, and when I was listening back to it I knew it would be super helpful for you all here on the podcast.

As a service based business owner, working with other organisations, there's always a reason why you want to work with ethical businesses, social enterprises, campaigning organisations and charities.

It's probably got something to do with the fact that you want to be part of creating change in the world, and you see you can add value in this way with your knowledge and skills.

I celebrate this. I LOVE working with these types of organisations too. 

But don't get stuck in a trap of thinking there is no wealth in these sectors, and that we can't create it and transform society in the process.

You are part of the solution but you need to step outside of your comfort zone and create some new beliefs about wealth, value and pricing. In fact, in my experience (15+ years working in the voluntary, community & charity sector as well as the social enterprise sector) we all need to shift our thinking when it comes to aligning price with value.

This is episode is all about this and why that's important, as well as some top tips on how to start making the shift. 

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