TUNED IN with Steve Robinson and Ian Buckley, Society of Old Friends

Jun 21, 12:13 PM
HG Wells once said, “What really matters is what we do with what we have”. He was an honoured guest speaker of the Society of Old Friends in 1918. Today, as Old Friend Steve Harrop interviews president Steve Robinson, and committee member and the society’s head of recruitment, Ian Buckley, these words clearly have a remarkable resonance today.
Over the 112 years since the Society of Old Friends was formed, in a small pub off London’s Regents Street, its mission has been - and continues to be - to encourage good fellowship and camaraderie among its many members and guests.
The pandemic, and resultant lockdowns, eliminated any opportunity for the physical socialising that has always been a fundamental cornerstone of the society’s calendar.
The committee decided to try a virtual Members’ Gathering and AGM in September, and we were delighted that nearly 50 members participated, and took obvious pleasure of being ‘together’!
Hopefully, we will be returning to physical events soon, beginning with a Summer event in July, a London Clachan in September and, on 14th October, we are planning to hold our autumn dinner with a very special guest speaker - Gyles Brandreth.
To discover more about the Society of Old Friends please have a look here: http://thesocietyofoldfriends.co.uk/