The Biggest FUT Addition Since SBCs with Andy AJ3 #W38

Jun 22, 03:47 PM
Andy (AJ3), YouTuber and Squad Builder Showdown creator hops back on the podcast, alongside trader/coach MattFUTTrading, the community's DJFIFAPlayer and streamer Tolando77. 

They dig into:
  • Pack Previews: Future of FUT
  • Impact on users of Preview Packs
  • What Preview Packs mean for EA and loot boxes
  • Tolando's incredible Gold 1 with his feet
  • Path To Glory 2 — Pound For Pound options
  • Moments Iniesta is crazy value
  • Moments Icon SBC Maradona & Henry
  • Will the market crash last?
  • Much more
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