Financial Survival Toolkit: How To Get Emergency Cash

Jun 23, 2021, 04:01 PM

Sometimes you need an emergency influx of cash, no matter how careful you've been. Join Anthony Morrow as he explains the benefits of joining a credit union and how unlike banks, all the profit they make is poured right back into improving the financial situations of the people who they service. You’ll hear from Matt Bland, Chief Executive of the Co-op Credit Union, as he explains how they are committed to providing solutions that help everyday people. You’ll also hear about why sometimes your investments being boring, is in fact a blessing. 

Anthony Morrow is CEO and Founder of OpenMoney. He's on a mission to let people get the most out of their money. After 25 years in the finance industry he's sick of watching the rich get richer, whilst people who would benefit from advice don't have access to it. This podcast aims to change that.

Presenter: Anthony Morrow @OpenMoney_ajm

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