Pop Screen: True Stories (with Ewan Gleadow)

Jun 24, 05:00 PM
Look at the film we're covering on this week's Pop Screen. Who can say it's not beautiful? That's right, this week Graham and Ewan are reviewing True Stories, the sole directorial credit for Talking Heads frontman David Byrne. A drily comic compilation of stories inspired by Byrne's love of local tabloids, it gave John Goodman an early starring role, it gave Thom Yorke a band name and it gave Warner Bros.' marketing department a headache as they struggled to sum it up in a trailer.

It's a strange movie, but fortunately God made some people who like it that way, and it's been a consistent cult favourite. Join us to discuss the film's unusually sweet-hearted view of the suburbs, what the film says about its director, the epic nerd feud between Errol Morris and Byrne, and why you shouldn't expect a seat at David Byrne's house. Some people say this movie is the cathedral of our time. Not me.

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