A Cuppa With: Mental Health in Music - Episode Six: Maintaining Our Wellbeing Passed the Pandemic

Jun 25, 07:00 AM
Episode SIX - is all about 'Ongoing Wellness Passed the Pandemic'. In this final episode - we will look at how to support your own, and others mental health, while working in the often uncertain creative industry.  

I'm joined by:

Aoife Ruth; a researcher, educator and psychotherapist, with special expertise in Politics and Sociology and Integrative Psychotherapy. Aoife is passionate about working with musicians to develop personally and professionally. We talk about the positive response of musicians coming together in a unified voice in challenging unhelpful narratives around the arts. Aoife also discusses the negative stories we tell ourselves and how we can check in to adapt the destructive bullying we do in our own minds. 

I'm also joined by Niall Breslin, known to most as 'Bressie': the singer, guitarist and songwriter with The Blizzards… a leading figure in Mindfulness and Co-Founder of the Mental Health Charity A Lust for Life. We talk about changing the perception of music and the arts as a career. Niall also speaks about how important it is for musicians to keep their authenticity and their rawness. 

Both guests highlight the amazing work being done by Minding Creative Minds and both speak about how 'Victor Frankl's - 'Man's Search for Meaning' is one of the most important books ever written. 

We also hear from Cara Kursh and Jim O'Donoghue Martin - 'Video Blue' on how they look after their mental health.