Part I: Open Table Talk from Girlfriend's Getaway Retreat; Melting Away Irrational Thoughts; Breaking Our Chains

Season 2, Episode 37,  Jun 24, 2021, 06:18 PM

Part One—

Today my guest is Morgan Atkins. Morgan is the Children’s Pastor at Redemption Church in San Jose, California, and today I’m going to keep things a bit more casual than usual. Think of this as a sit-on-the-couch kind of conversation. We dive into all things from our most recent trip and I wouldn’t have recorded this if I didn’t think our experiences were valuable enough to share with you. Please join me in my conversation with my friend, Morgan Atkins. 

“And this is a testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit. Neither one of us had to say anything or do anything, like one hundred percent that was God in that moment. And that was me surrendering all of my pride and my fear, and everything to Him; and just letting Him do the work of restoration because it’s something that had been needed for so long but it couldn’t happen until I made that decision to let it go.” -- Morgan Atkins

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