The Delta Plus variant, Uttarakhand CM 'crisis', and J&K leaders meet PM

Jun 25, 12:30 AM

What we know about the Delta Plus variant so far, the constitutional crisis that Uttarakhand could soon face, and the meeting between the J&K leaders and PM Modi.

First, Kaunain Sheriff, who reports on health for the Indian Express (IE), talks about what we know about the Delta Plus variant so far, what counts as a variant of concern, and the extent to which India’s vaccination drive has been ramped up.

Next, Apurva Vishwanath, who writes on law for IE, explains how Uttarakhand might soon be facing a constitutional crisis, how it will affect the current chief minister, and the options that the BJP has to avert it (12:22).

And in the end, a quick look at the meeting that took place between the political leaders of Jammu & Kashmir and Prime Minister Narendra Modi (18:26).