How to use writing to reconnect with your unique voice and values with Adanna Onuekwusi

Jul 01, 07:00 AM

There are lots of ways for us to reconnect with ourselves, our voice and support our self-care, but I love the idea of using writing to do this. Writing without a specific purpose or an outcome in mind. Writing just for the enjoyment, creativity and exploration of what' sin our mind.

Adanna Onuekwusi is an educator, writer and creative mentor, she is  committed to teaching women how to harness the power of writing as an essential self-care practice that supports deeper connections and more fulfilling lives. 

In this episode we talk about:
  • How you can use writing as an exploration of creative self-expression
  • How writing can enable you to connect with your unique voice and values
  • Different writing tools to use if you're just starting out (beyond just journaling) 
  • How Adanna came to use writing as a self-care practice as a new mum 
  • Why taking time to be with ourselves and our thoughts matter
  • ...and so much more!

Enjoy this powerful episode.

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