Charlie's Angels

Jun 28, 04:31 AM
We're BOUNCING from Tim Burton's Ed Wood to McG's Charlie's Angels! That's right! We're celebrating it's 20th Anniversary (Until its 21st Anniversary on Nov 1st)

Thanks to Bill Murray for this BOUNCE!  

(2:35 - 15:15) Harry discusses Falcon and the Winter Solder (Heavy-to-severe SPOILERS) and Mike takes a walk.
(15:20 - 24:00) Mike speaks about Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar (No SPOILERS) and Speed 2 (Easily forgettable SPOILERS). 
(24:00 - 28:40) Harry and Mike put the SPOTLIGHT on ... Willem Dafoe. 
(28:40 - 1:05:05) Mike and Harry discuss Charlie's Angels (Light SPOILERS), as well as make comparisons to Mystery Men, Men In Black, and Ghostbusters. "Let's talk about the plot of this movie?" - Mike "No... Let's ... let's not get into it." - Harry

Where will we bounce to next week (July 12th)? Will it be McG's  "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle"? ... or "Lucky Number Slevin" with Lucy Liu? ... or "Vanilla Sky" with Cameron Diaz? ... or "Virtuosity" with Kelly Lynch? The answer is here. Place your bets and find out next week!
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