'Purana Ghar' – Of Lost Childhood & Longing For Home

Jun 30, 03:16 AM
'Home', people say, is simply where you belong. A belonging that blooms from familiarity. But for those who have been uprooted all their lives, home is a capricious space. It is constantly on the move bundled with first toys, family photos, and the playfulness of childhood until one day we long for the memories that we have lost and the stories that we've left behind.

In this week's story, will the protagonist be able to piece together his journey of constant displacement? Will he be able to find his way home?

Tune in to 'Purana Ghar' — the second episode of The Quint's new podcast series, 'Qisse Kahaniyaan by Alif'.

Narrator, Writer and Sound Designer: Athar Rather
Editor: Shelly Walia