Filming With Tone Deff

Episode 42,  Jun 30, 2021, 07:27 PM

Music: Intro: Spit On Graves- Flauud Family Reunion (Only part of it)- Blink-182 The Wolf- J.5cott Ft Maiah Wynne Therapy- Scooter Rodgers Ft Keegan Baurer Dear Portland Police- Jasey Cordeta Ft Swiggle Mandela, Anael Jeannis, Kool Chef Rocker, and Cool Nutz Outlet-Rain Ezra Closing: F-Cancer IAmJordan Ft D.J. O.G. O.N.E

Coming into the new Speak Studio location here in Hillsboro, Anthony Kern sits down and discusses his goals and passions. Listen now to us talk about how he got started, where he plans to go next, and music from the local scene! Find Tone Deff on Instagram Tone Deff Media (@tonedeffmedia)

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Pic Credit: Anthony Kern's Facebook